Pedals and brake lines

John Wilkins came by a week or two ago to help with some things. We bent the pedals so that there was more room for my big feet and welded the brake line brackets in place. Much thanks to him as it made those tasks quite a bit easier.

This weekend I got the brake lines installed. I used the NAPA lines as they are listed in the FAQ on It went pretty smoothly for the most part. I had issues with two things. The front right brake line makes a circuitous path across the front x-member. It was a little challenging to get the line bent so that I could maximize the slack on either end. That brings me to my second problem. The brake lines as they attach to the distribution block extend pretty low. I’m somewhat concerned that it will interfere with the j-pipe when it goes in. I’m asking for comments on

I also started assembling the pedal box and I ran into an issue with that. I have a plunger type switch that I think belongs in the pedal box. I think it’s the brake light switch but I can’t figure out how it mounts.

Worked the AC pedals a little but I have to ask about that as well. I’m not certain how to grind out the slot for the brake and clutch arms.

At this point I want to get the pedal box and brakes wrapped up. Then I’ll run the fuel lines and button up some of the driver footbox. Just a couple of things after that and I might be able to drop the engine in!

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