Sharp aluminum

Finally making some progress again. Last month we had the first (and maybe last) annual Fall Rallye for the Cobra club. The weather was cold and drizzly on occasion. Not a great day. To make matters worse, the folks in Smithsburg decided to have a parade and then Dubya happened to be at Camp David. I’m going to have to have a talk with him about coordinating schedules in the future! ;)

The only other thing I did last month was to finish up the engine. Ok, it’s not completely finished, but I’m setting it aside for now. I painted it all black except for the valve covers and the timing cover, which are silver. Looks pretty good! Still a ton of stuff left to do like the upper manifold, distributor, headers and water pump. That can wait.

Today I spent time on the kit. I finished up the passenger foot box and also worked on the driver foot box a little. Managed to cut up my hands pretty good. I even left blood on the aluminum. Don’t think I’ll wipe that off! ) I also tightened up the steering column and adjusted the toe-in. I think I have it the way they suggest in the manual but now it’s obvious that there’s too much toe-out. I’ll just try to measure it and get it as close to 0deg toe-in as I can. Like I’ve said before, the kit goes together pretty easy, it’s the donor stuff that’s a bitch.

I think I’m going to shoot for driving it to Spring Fling. It won’t be painted but it should be legal. Won’t be the first time I’ve said that though. We’ll see.

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