It’s a roller!

It’s a roller! All four wheels are on and I rolled it out into the driveway tonight. You can see pics in the Gallery. I know I still have a long way to go but it’s definitely a satisfying feeling. I wasn’t feeling that way Saturday.

Prior to last Saturday I had been taking care of a couple of little things. I got the upper steering shaft that Travis gave me to dislodge from the lower. I ended up getting a long steel rod and sliding it down into the lower. I couple of solid “taps” and the upper came out. After that I fitted up the entire steering assembly and messed around with the positioning a bit. Still a little left to do on that. I also discovered that there is a lot of toe-in right now so I’m going to have to eyeball adjust that at some point.

Don suggested that he come out and take a look at my brakes. Maybe a more experienced eye could discover something. Don drove up on Saturday and we went over a bunch of stuff. My drum springs were not the right type (Pep Boys) and I had chucked one set of them already. We got one side hooked up with the old springs and the drum just slid right on. I also wanted him to look at the front rotors so I pulled the wheels off. When I did I noticed some play in the rotors. Turns out I got the wrong inner bearings and seals (Trak Auto) but the correct outer bearings. He also noticed I didn’t have nearly enough grease in the bearings/hubs. We went over a couple of other things and he helped me pull the timing cover off of the engine. Good news is that the timing chain didn’t have too much play.

Suffice it to say, I wasn’t feeling so confident in my skills by the end of the day. I was and am grateful that Don checked it out. My life is more important than my pride. Just illustrates how there are a lot of little things that I just don’t know about. Kind of frustrating. As I said before, I think the kit itself is pretty clear and understandable. It’s all of the little things about the donor that are biting me. I think it’s time I swallow my pride and get comfortable with asking for help more often. Might keep me or Angie alive.

Anyway, I went to Antietam Auto just up the road. These guys are just a bit more pricey but they seem to have a clue. Got some new inner bearings and seals, new spring kit, a new thermostat and a new one piece oil pan gasket. When I got home everything fit. Simple as that. The new springs made all the difference on the drums. The front rotors are solid now. I think that locked up my decision on where I’ll be shopping from now on. No more of the “You want fries with that?” mentality at those other shops. Popped the four wheels on and rolled it into the driveway. It’s heavier than I expected but I can still move it around.

Only 1 year, 8 months and 3 days after picking up my kit. Another week or two and I’ll be done!….it feels good…

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