Brake rotors and drums

Spent Sunday putting the front rotors and rear drums together. The fronts went relatively easy. Let me tell you, bearing grease smells like crap. I don’t mean it smells bad, it smells like crap! After I figured out that the rotors had their own races I managed to pop things together pretty quickly. I also […]

Big hammer = cracked parts

Important tip: When hitting something with a hammer it’s a good idea to make sure the bracket is solid or else put something behind it. I didn’t do that and I wound up cracking the timing cover. So, $60 later I have a new (used and very dirty) timing cover. Also, another $15 for the […]

Paint it black

Painted the block yesterday. I should have pics up soon. I think it looks ok, not show quality but better than greasy. Still need to paint the manifold. I’ve decided to paint it black rather than getting it blasted. It’ll be cheaper and easier and I won’t have to mess with the seal of the […]

Engine cleaning tunnel

Well July was fun but I did almost nothing with the Cobra. Last month we celebrated Jacob’s and my birthdays. It was Jacob’s first and my 30th. Woot! Don’t feel a day over 39! Finally got to work on the engine again over the weekend. I basically put the valve covers and the oil pan […]