Outta work

I’ve been busier in the last couple of weeks than I was then last couple of months. Unfortunately nearly none of it was car related. Looking for a job is hard work! We did go to Carlisle last Saturday. It was raining on the way up and then cold and overcast the rest of the day. For anyone that’s been to Carlisle they know, this is the way it is every year. Still, we had a pretty good time and got to see a lot of cars. Nothing real earth shattering this year. I was a little disappointed that K1 didn’t show up. I was really hoping to see a finished Attack. I did get to see the pics of the FFR Supercar. WOW! It’s definately looking good. I have a feeling this kit might really shake things up in the kit world. The kit world seems to be stuck in this Cobra/Hummer/S7 mode these days. It’s nice to see fresh things come along. I think that’s why I’m so excited about kits like the Attack and the Mullen. With the price point the Smith’s are going for, the kit should have a big impact.

One of these days I’ll get back to MY kit. I thought I might have time to do it during my time off. The truth is the exact opposite!

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