Sitting at home in my skivvies all day

I’ve been laid off! Seems like a good time to start this Blog proper. That’s right folks, I’m outta work. Been that way since last monday. We had about an hour notice. The last week has been an interesting one. All sorts of things run through your head. The first couple of days I thought I’d be able to line something up pretty quick. By the end of the week I was wondering. Over the weekend I started considering that it’s quite possible I won’t have a full time job for a while. The thought of that is at the same time scary, and not. I know that if it comes to it I’ll pick up some part time work and at least pay the bills.

Last week was actually very busy. Lots of ideas to track down for employment. There really are a ton of places to search for jobs. Unfortunately I think most of them are a waste of time. I suppose its possible I’ll turn something up from one of them but it seems remote. I did go to a tech breakfast on friday and “Pressed the flesh”. Nothing solid out of it but it was nice to actually talk to people about what I’m doing. I feel more confident about those opportunities simply because of the word of mouth factor. I considered not going because it cost money. Glad I went though. This week is shaping up to be fairly busy also. I’ve been finding job fairs to attend and there seems to be plenty of them. Bad news is that’s gas, but what choice do I have?

I think the most difficult moment so far was walking through the grocery store for the first time since monday. We did some real grocery shopping yesterday. Trying to stock up for the jobless winter I guess. It was difficult not to grab that bag of Cool Ranch Dorito’s or the good Edy’s Reese’s ice cream. We made concessions and in the end it’s probably better for us anyway. It’s just difficult to turn away from the box of Ho-Ho’s.

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