Clean and paint…

Did some cleaning last weekend.  I prepped the gas tank and the pedal box by cleaning and then painting them.  The pics I added are for that.  I also trimmed part of the pedal box where one of the bolts will pass through the front footbox wall.  Finally got the bushing replaced on the front control arm so I was able to install the arm.  I still can’t get the tie-rods to loosen up.  I’m not sure if I’m trying to turn the wrong thing but I don’t think I am.  Next up, more little things.  Fiddling with the pedal box and pedals.  Mounting the gas tank.  Messing with some footbox aluminum.  A local shop is running a sale on wheels so I’m struggling with the idea of getting new ones.  Every time I walk through the garage I see that engine sitting there and I cringe thinking about what a bitch it’s going to be to clean it.  But also how sweet it will look when I’m done!  Soon enough…soon enough.

Travis Grabb donated his non-tilt steering column to the cause.  Thanks!  Sure does beat digging through a junkyard for one!

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