Clean and paint…

Did some cleaning last weekend.  I prepped the gas tank and the pedal box by cleaning and then painting them.  The pics I added are for that.  I also trimmed part of the pedal box where one of the bolts will pass through the front footbox wall.  Finally got the bushing replaced on the front […]


Put on a number of aluminum panels over the weekend.  Rivets, rivets and more rivets!  And I’m sure I’m not even halfway through the rivets.  Got the f-panels and the floor installed.  The floors were kind of difficult because of their odd shape.  It was difficult to find a good place to pre-drill the holes […]

Suspension install

Made some real progress this last weekend.  Got the rear-end and the left front arm installed.  I still need to get a new bushing pressed into the right front arm.  Learned several important lessons this weekend.  It’s important to have a task in mind before you sit down and work on it.  Figure out what […]