First welding

John Wilkins came by last night to help me weld the pieces on.  Pretty cool stuff.  I had never seen welding before so it was interesting to see it happening.  I even did the front right bolts myself.  It’s not that difficult to do but I think it’s very difficult to do right.  Learned a […]


Painted all of the suspension and rear-end pieces yesterday with the POR-15 that Mark gave me.  That stuff does harden like a rock!  And it is absolutely true about it not coming off of your hands.  I’ve got the tattoo’s now to prove it.  Also drilled the first pieces of aluminum.  I’m looking forward to […]

Cleaning the rear end

Spent last weekend cleaning parts.  Mostly worked on the suspension and rear-end pieces.  I tried to scrub all of the pieces down with Super Clean first and then I hit them with a wire brush on a drill.  It’s coming along pretty nicely so far.  Mark Raidt dropped by and saw the operation for the […]

Super clean

Got the last driveshaft bolt off with some brute force.  Reorganized everything in the garage so I can get to things easier for cleaning.  I started cleaning some smaller parts finally.  The Castrol Super Clean is some pretty good stuff.  It really gets the junk off.  Unfortunately it has a tendency to go everywhere also.  […]

Driveshaft bolts

Banged away at the transmission bolts again last night.  Managed to get one more off but the last one doesn’t want to budge.  I sprayed more Liquid Wrench on and I’ll try again tonight.  Not sure what to do if it won’t let go.  I also received a package from Tri-State!  Got the Cleckos and […]

Stuck bolts

Finally got to some cleaning today.  If today is any indication, the cleanup process will take longer than I’d like.  Hopefully everyone is right in that getting to the go-cart stage is quick.  Most of what I did today was disassemble the front arms and start on getting the driveshaft off the rear-end.  The driveshaft […]