I am such a slacker!  The last month has mainly consisted of cutting the bolt on the front arm and wiggling the arm until it came out.  You can see some new pics of how the bolt looked in the sleeve.  It’s jammed in there pretty good with rubber from the bushing.  I don’t think there was any chance of it coming out.  Oh well, 4 new bolts will probably look better anyway.  Aside from that I’ve been making a half-assed attempt to get rid of the donor carcass.  Anybody want the shell of a mustang???  There’s been too much to do getting ready for Christmas so not much else has happened.  I imagine I might get a couple of car related things under the tree on Tuesday.  I’ll be sure to let you all know about it.  (like anyone reads this anyways!)  We also have a group of about 5 Cobra’s that are planning on driving down to and around the Capital Mall on New Years Day.  We’re going to try to get some scenic pics while we’re there.  Have a happy holiday everyone!

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