Front arm bolt

Spent the weekend wailing on the stuck bolt.  It worked…to a point.  Now the bolts not budging any more.  It’s about 2″ out.  The frame bracket is pretty beat up at this point.  Also, the bolt is trying to kink upwards and the threaded rod is starting to bend pretty severely.  I’m sure it’s not the strongest rod around and I’m starting to get concerned that it might snap.  I’m not sure but I might be pushing on the sleeve and not the bolt.  The sleeve has a slit in it and I’m guessing that this has acted like a knife cutting into the bushing and jamming it inside between the sleeve and bolt.  The combo spins fairly easily but it doesn’t seem to be coming apart any more than it has already.  Looks like I might have to get a sawzall or torch.  Argh.

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