Front arm bolt

Spent the weekend wailing on the stuck bolt.  It worked…to a point.  Now the bolts not budging any more.  It’s about 2″ out.  The frame bracket is pretty beat up at this point.  Also, the bolt is trying to kink upwards and the threaded rod is starting to bend pretty severely.  I’m sure it’s not […]

Leaky oil pan

Posted new donor pics last night.  You can see that the gunk is pretty thick.  Should be fun cleaning it.  Seriously!  There are a number of what look to be leaks.  The oil pan gasket is very obviously crushed.  I’m not sure if it was a crappy gasket or if they overtorqued it.  Either way, […]

Donor tear down

For the most part I’ve completed a migration to a new server.  Got lots of space now for lots of pics.  I also migrated the pics to a new Gallery viewer.  Pretty nice little program.  Makes it really easy to manage all the pics. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been tearing down the […]