9/11 and Jacob

Haven’t updated in quite a while.  We had a baby!  Jacob Paul Brooke was born July 22nd.  Check the main page for all of the details.  The fact of the matter is that I have done virtually nothing with the kit in the last couple of months.  I have spent quite a bit of time looking for a donor but that’s about it.  Sometimes it’s difficult walking past it in the garage but I know it’ll get done when it gets done.  There have been more important things keeping me busy! )

Last Tuesday, Sept 11th, terrorists crashed airliners into the World Trade Center buildings in NY and the Pentagon in DC.  I’m sure anyone who is reading this knows the details, the excruciating details, of what happened.  I won’t rehash that here.  Suffice it to say, the incident has weighed heavily on me.  Sometimes feeling helpless to do anything, other times being proud to be an American.  As with most everyone I was riveted to the news.  After a couple of days I’ve found myself having to find other things to do in order to get my mind off of it.  I can’t imagine what it must be like for the people who are directly involved either through loss of a family member or in the ongoing rescue efforts. They don’t have the luxury of turning it off.  I truly hope that the citizens of the US will remember that as they get back to their lives.  For those of us that were not directly affected it will be easy to lose focus on what happened.  As good citizens we cannot allow that to happen.  I’ll be doing everything I can to keep the memory alive.  I hope everyone else can do the same.

On a happier note, the Capital Area Cobra Club is really starting to get active.  We’ve got quite a few people who are showing up at events and being active in the email list.  We had a gathering scheduled for today at Lee and Fritzi Tilton’s house down on the bay.  It was briefly considered that it be cancelled.  I think everyone agrees that it was a good idea to move forward with it.  I took a number of pictures and you can find them under the “Pictures” button on the left.  We started by spending some time at Lee and Fritzi’s house.  We then went to a local seafood joint, where the Tilton’s know the chef, for some delicious Chesapeake Bay crabs.  While we were there a kid, might have been the son of the owner, sang the Star Spangled Banner.  Nearly brought tears to my eyes.

If you are actually bothering to read this stuff, thanks!  Take a moment tonight and tell your family how much you love them.  Then consider doing something to support the real heroes of this country, the firefighters, police and EMS.  Remember that they were the ones that rushed into dangerous buildings and rubble to try to save people while other “heroes” were scared to get on airplanes.  I know I’ve been negligent in that regard.  I will be no longer.

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