Body buck wheels

Changed the wheels on the body buck.  I quickly learned that having four swiveling wheels is a bad idea.  Went out and got 2 fixed ones.  Jeremy came over and gave me a hand with taking the body off and all that.  Makes a world of difference with the 2 fixed ones on the back […]

More body buck

Spent some time today putting the shelf on the buck.  Also managed to find enough wood for the stands.  The frame is now sitting at a close to specified ride height of 4.75″.  Reorganized the garage.  Managed to get quite a bit more space after moving some boxes around and generally cleaning up.  There’s a […]

Body Buck

As you can see from the pics page, not only did I get the body buck done, everything is tucked nicely into the garage.  It all went together pretty quick with a lot of help from Ang, Jeremy and Amy but now I am sore all over.  I guess I better get used to that […]

Kit pickup

A lot has happened over the last several weeks.  I got a call right after New Years from FFR letting me know I could pick up my car January 13th if I was interested.  Of course I was!  Because of the timing I decided to delete all of the options except the body cutouts for […]